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The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education
Home of Dartmouth College's Academic Off-Campus Programs

Dartmouth College offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to study off-campus and earn credit toward their degree. The four main categories of opportunities for off-campus study are Dartmouth Language Study Abroad (LSA and LSA+); Dartmouth Foreign Study Programs (FSP); Dartmouth ExchangeBeijingFSP2008 Programs; and Transfer Credit from another four-year, degree-granting, academic institution unaffiliated with ReligionFSP2008Dartmouth College. 

Off-campus programs are considered an important extension of the regular Dartmouth curriculum, offering undergraduate students opportunities to study other cultures and disciplines in depth as well as to gain new perspectives on our own society.

Consistently, over 50 percent of Dartmouth undergraduate students participate in one or more Foreign Study or Language Study Abroad programs before they graduate. Students returning to campus after participating on a program often speak of experiences that were rich--academically and culturally--as well as life changing!

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about off-campus programs offered by Dartmouth College, to become familiar with program requirements, and if you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Dartmouth, to apply for programs. 

First Photo:  Courtesy of the Chinese FSP 2008; Second Photo:  Courtesy of the Religion FSP 2008


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Last modified 03/27/2014