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The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education

Types of Credit-Bearing Programs

Language Study Abroad  - LSA and LSA+

Dartmouth's Language Study Abroad and Advanced Language Study Abroad Programs have been developed in response to the College's commitment of understanding, and communicating with, people of other cultures. To this end, Dartmouth maintains programs in a number of countries. Students live with local families on most LSA and LSA+ programs. Life with local families gives students a personal context through which they gain access to the culture as a whole. Studying the language, literature and civilization gives them an intellectual grasp of historical and contemporary cultural patterns.

In the terms preceding participation in the program, students take two language courses (one for LSA+) unless they are exempt from them as a result of the examinations given during First-Year Orientation Week. The LSA+ is a program designed for students who have satisfied the language requirement and are prepared for a more advanced language study abroad experience.

While abroad, students are enrolled in three Dartmouth courses. With Dartmouth faculty and local instructors they study language, culture, and literature, all in the language of the particular country. Studies are supplemented by excursions. Students achieving satisfactory academic status in the program's courses fulfill the language requirement and satisfy certain distributive requirements.

Programs -- LSA and LSA+ List.pdf


Foreign Study Abroad - FSP

Foreign Study programs in the language departments offer advanced study of the country's language, literature and civilization. In addition to a full academic schedule, the term abroad typically includes group excursions to sites of artistic, historic and/or natural beauty. The principal objective is an in-depth experience of the life and culture of the country through the substantive courses as well as through social interactions with the local people.

The College also offers a wide array of Foreign and Domestic Study programs that are conducted primarily in the English language. These programs are designed to take advantage of resources unique to the host country or off-campus location in the United States. Like their language-based counterparts, these programs offer students opportunities to study other cultures and disciplines in depth as well as to gain new perspectives on our society. 

Program List: FSPs.pdf

Exchange Programs - Exchange

Dartmouth has exchange programs with other educational institutions, both in the United States and in other countries. Students participating on exchange programs are directly enrolled at the partner institution, enabling them to have a university experience very similar to that of a student of the host institution.

Grades received in courses from exchange terms do not affect the cumulative average at Dartmouth, and will be counted toward the maximum of four (4) transfer credits allowed.

Information regarding procedures for prior approval of transfer credit from exchange programs is available from the Off-Campus Programs Office and the Registrar's Office. Those interested in transfer credit should also review the information about 'Off-Campus Activities' that is located in the 'Regulations' section of the O.R.C..

Program List: Exchanges.pdf


Other Transfer Credit - Transfer Terms

Students may independently arrange a transfer term at another institution that is not part of a Dartmouth exchange program. Credits earned on both Dartmouth exchange programs and independent transfer terms are counted toward the maximum of four (4) transfer credits allowed. As with exchange programs, those interested in transfer credit should also review the information about 'Off-Campus Activities' that is located in the 'Regulations' section of the O.R.C..   General Transfer Credit Information can be found on the Registrar's Office website.  On a student-initiated transfer of credit term, the payment of fees is made directly to the host institution.  For applications for transfer credit approval from Dartmouth, for courses taken on non-Dartmouth programs, contact the Registrar's Office.



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Last modified 06/30/2014